Have you tried all the "fad diets" out there and, maybe you've seen results, but you couldn't stick to it long term?

Have you ever wondered what you should be eating and how much of it you should be eating?

Have you ever wanted a sane, healthy way to achieve your goals without having to obsess over the gym, follow a strict diet plan or count calories? 

Have you ever wondered what exercises you should be doing, and how to do them to get maximum results?

Have you ever wanted to get a personal trainer but either couldn't afford to pay $50 PER session, or prefer to work out at home?

Have you ever wished you could feel more energetic?

Have you wanted to meet women just like you, with similar goals and struggles, but didn't know where to go?

Then you need to online group fitness & nutrition coaching....and there is only going to be 20 spots!

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What is included in this coaching?

Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching is a year-long program that is going to give you ALL the tools to turn healthy living, eating and working out into a TOTALLY attainable lifestyle - not a crazy, hard-to keep up with diet plan that has you spending all your time in the gym and countring macros/calories.
This program is all about YOU, and teaching you how to make health & nutrition work for YOUR lifestyle.

It's SUPER easy to be a part of.

You don't need a gym membership. But, if you have one? Great! There's "gym" and "non gym" options for Level 1 and 2!

All of the nutrition/lifestlye content and coaching, as well as submitting your monthly progress check in material, will be done on a VERY easy-to-use software that you will get FREE access to. You will simple need to sign up and log-in daily - this can be done on any device -  a computer, tablet OR phone!

Taylor is always accessible by email, if you ever have a question before the monthly check-in or group coaching call

The year-long program is designed to have YOU as the driver, making it work for YOUR lifestyle. Taylor is there to teach you, help you and push you towards your goals, but it will always be sane and sustainable!

About Taylor

Taylor is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach, who has also trained under top fitness professionals. She also uses her own training programs and healthy recipes in her everyday life to achieve her fitness and nutrition goals.
These "book smarts," as well as real-world application, is what allows her to coach YOU in the most effective way possible.
Taylor is busy, so she understands that YOU are busy too. As someone who also has experience with an eating disorder in the past, she understands that obsessing over calories and exercise is NOT the way to live a happy, healthy life.  Calorie counting & specific meal plans is NOT the way to go. There IS a better way!
She wants to show YOU how to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals in a way that you can maintain for life!

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